Last weekend wandering around Tacoma I found a very special store specializing in the reuse of products. This what not a Good Will, Salvation Army or Thrift shop. This was a curated garbage dump where one can buy junk in bulk.

TinkerTopia, a store specializing in the reuse of objects many would call trash or junk to be reused for funky Art projects, props, and anything else that one can imagine. Most of the store is bulk bins of sorted miscellaneous things, 90’s DVDs, milk caps, CD cases, corks, slides, self sealing stem bolts, etc. But their larger and adder items are sold separate.

TinkerTopia caters to art students and small children but anyone can find some neat little trinket to take home. I found a Solid State wireless com system from the 1960s and a few vacuum tubes. Not sure what I’ll do with either but that’s the fun in tinkering.

Sticky Situation


This weekend I finally made it to one of Seattle’s odder landmarks (and here a 15ft troll under a bridge is normal) the Pike Place Gum Wall. Found by accident while wandering around the sub-levels of the market the Gum Wall, now really more of a Gum Ally, is both a beautiful and disgusting sight. The millions of colors and the complex textures decades of gum piled up forms is quite amazing. Like a lock on a railing in Paris people have written messages on the wall in gum. There was even a marriage proposal in white evergreen, how romantic.