Technology Perpetuating Technology

In the news this week Apple unveiled more information about their newest product, the Apple watch. Discussions of smart watches (smarches) are very polarized, especially within the smart watch community. Whether or not smart watches are useful and what system is the best; Android Wear vs. Apple Watch against all the rest, the market is already pretty big. Personally, I am a backer of the Pebble smart watch, having been wearing one for nearly two years. Pebble has strategically launched their new watches in time with Apple’s event even though neither devices will be on anyone’s wrists for another few months. Still many are drawing conclusion and making unfounded comparisons between the two. Since I have access to a 3D Printer I decided to make a less-biased comparison and compare the physical form of the two.


Left: Apple Watch, Right: Pebble Time

The Pebble Time is wider than the Apple Watch, which is much smaller than I expected it to be. The model I printed is of the 42mm model which is the larger of the two offered. The Pebble time is significantly thinner than the Apple Watch, and with the rounded face feels much more like a watch. The Apple watch gains a lot of thickness from the heart rate sensor the sticks out of the underside of the watch and the round rectangle shape make it feel like a mini tic-tac case.

With out regard to my personal preference in smart watches, it amazing how small both of these devices are.

Everything but the microwave

This weekend daylight saving time ended in the US. While I will agree that it is a silly practice with very little reason to exist the time transition is a lot easier if its all automatic. In my life all my time sources automatically switched from 1:59am to 3:00am giving the illusion that it is just a regular weekend that there hasn’t been any tampering with my sleep schedule. My wall clock syncs its time from an atomic clock in Colorado, my watch gets it time from my phone which synchronizes with the cell towers and my TV and Computer get their time from the internet. But there is one device that still makes me remember that the clocks have been messed with and that I’ve lost an hour of sleep: the microwave.2015-03-08 11.35.17