A Look at my New Place


Looking at my blog statistics one of the most popular posts was when I posted pictures of my then new apartment. I moved in August and have yet to post an update with my new ‘digs’. Here is a panorama of the first floor taken when it was in an unusually clean state before Halloween.

There’s No Place Like Home

The long search and application process has finally come to an end, and I now have the keys to my new apartment in hand! The apartment is completely empty, no furnishings, not even a shower curtain. Its a completely blank slate to be decorated. I’m just awaiting the delivery of an air mattress I ordered online to move in.

The building is an apartment building from the 1920’s. It has the original hardwood floors intact, which I think are great, even if they are a little squeaky. The walls are plaster stucco, and there are arched door frames. The kitchen appliances are fairly new, and there are several closets, but the most amazing this is the space. The emptiness of the apartment make it seem bigger, but its still a lot of room for one person with no furniture to fill.