Spider Season

Decoy fly; pretending to be a bee and also hiding the spider pictures

Here in the PNW our seasons are a little different than other places. We have the rainy season when others have winter and spring, then the sunny (or smokey) season during summer, then instead of a normal autumn we just have spiders.

Spiders do not have any muscles in their legs, nor do they have veins or blood. They have an open circulatory system and use hydraulic pressure to extend their legs. Because when backlit their legs segments are semi-transparent.

No Halloween decorations needed, nature takes care of it. This time of year the Orb weavers have spent all summer growing and are preparing for winter by putting up webs everywhere. Anywhere not commonly trafficked now has impressively large webs with 1 inch spiders lying in wait at the center. After a while you get good at spotting them so you don’t get a face full of spiderweb.

While hunting spiders can have excellent eyesight, orb weaving spiders usually have underdeveloped eyes.
This spider is enjoying its latest meal
Back to insects to cleanse the pallet. Again; I think this is a fly masquerading as a bee, not actually a bee or wasp.

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