Some D&D Character Ideas

Is time to start a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign? Are you tired of just playing one sided characters on a power trip, or only playing out classic fantasy tropes? Need a creative flaw, an interesting backstory, or a compelling reason for why you would be on an adventure? Try on one of these character ideas for size:

  • Reporter who is sent to follow the adventuring party for a story
  • Small town sheriff / constable who is on the hunt for a dangerous criminal
  • Renowned pirate/sailor who has been cursed to stay on land
  • A circus strongman who suffers from stage fright
  • A noble trying (unsuccessfully) to live a pauper
  • A claustrophobic dwarf who can no longer live underground
  • An eccentric kleptomaniac who was expelled from the Thieves Guild for only stealing right shoes
  • A blind archer who can only see through their animal familiar
  • A halfling who prefers to walk on stilts
  • A librarian bounty out collecting ancient tombs
  • A librarian bounty hunter searching for overdue books
  • An awoken puppet who things they are real
  • A cleric who worships and abstract concept
  • A sentient weapon being carried by a flesh golem it can control
  • A deposed king trying to recruit fighters for a counter rebellion
  • A deity or powerful creature cursed into mortal form
  • Paladin or Cleric who has lost their faith, or is a nihilist
  • A body with multiple souls entrapped which switches between them randomly after a short rest
  • A cursed player who changes race randomly every 10 days
  • A bard who impersonates a wizard to sell basilisk-oil potions
  • An escaped convict on the run who doesn’t know he’s already been pardoned and no one is looking for him
  • The victim of a body swap who is searching for their original body to switch back
  • A housewife who “just needs a little break” but got swept up in an adventure

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon State park. We found a lot of canyon, but there was no snow to be seen. We did find some lava tubes though.

Snow Canyon State Park, UT
A bluebird
A cactus
More of the canyon
More canyon cacti
A lava tube, subterranean tunnel left by lava flows millions of years ago
Its a lot bigger than it looks (and it keeps going down)
Halfway down to the floor
An off shoot with no end in sight
The main cavern
Back topside to see the other side of the canyon

Valley of Fire

First stop on the the trip and only an hour from Vegas was Valley of Fire state park. A beautiful park which was the filming location for many movies including Star Trek Generations. The Valley of Fire was the desert planet where Kirk meets his end. Luckily for us we did not encounter any perilous metal bridges.

Valley of Fire aptly named; but in October this warning is a little overkill
Fire wave
Jonathan for scale
A local resident
Through the petrified dunes
A well camouflaged mountain goat
A small canyon
The road through the park
In the middle of the valley a rock wall remains from the set of 1966’s The Professionals
The wall from The Professionals from behind
A grasshopper
A dragon fly