Out in the Desert

I’ve just gotten back from two weeks hiking in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. I have a thousand photos to go through and pick the best, but while I process all the pictures here are a few choice pictures which I shared on instagram while on the road.

Fire wave at Valley of Fire State Park, NV
Snow Canyon State Park, UT
Hoodoos at Bryce National Park, UT
Zion National Park, UT
Angel’s Landing’s chain at Zion
Zion Valley from the top of Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park UT

For these pictures I was experimenting with a newer faster photo editing workflow; still taking the pictures in RAW on my mirrorless camera, then transferring them to my phone to be processed with Lightroom mobile for posting to Instagram. The process worked pretty well, letting me post pictures from my camera almost immediately after the hike, and with almost the same level of post processing as if I were editing on my computer. The major missing feature was lack of support for HDR bracketing which I used a lot in the shadowed canyons of Arizona, so those pictures still need to be processed.

Go Visit a Glacier

This week my good friend Ben’s cross country road trip finally took him close to Seattle. He wanted to climb some mountains, though there are lots of mountains nearby, one really stands out.


Rainier as seen from the banks of White River, near our campsite.


Sunrise lookout point, the mountain doesn’t look so big from up here.


Leaving from Sunrise, ready to start.


Above the tree line its like we landed on another planet.


I think it says “this way to mountain”.


A few park rangers wielding shovels.


That’s a very large mountain.


The mountain man in his native habitat.


A fantastic way too cook tuna.


We are about 7000′ up and Rainier extends at least another 7000′ further.


Rainier is taking up more and more of the horizon.


The end goal of our hike, still miles away.


Sometimes, you have to go down to go up.


No a glacier, but a little bit of snow.


Walking across a pumice field is like being on the moon.


We won’t be going to the top today, Ben.


Other than Rainier we are the tallest in the land.


Still a really tall mountain.


With a peak still very far away.


Yellow and red grass seem to be the norm here, very alien.


Looking down into the valley, as we are still above the tree line.


Another view of White River and its source.


A refreshing break on the way back at Shadow Lake.


Out for a Hike


Heading out to the mountains


Up a narrow gravel road


Preparing to depart


Into the woods


Shoom did not make the best shoe choice today


Beware the local chainsaw-bears, very deadly.


A very lively stump


More mud


Nature from afar


Nature up close


Continuing on


Over a perilous bridge


Through some felled trees


A tree


Barclay lake


The Lone Mountain


Taking a photo


Sitting in the trees


Admiring the lake


Everyone made it to the end

Elk Crossing

Day 4 of the Colorado adventure: we have gotten up early and are among a line of cars waiting to get into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

2015-09-29 08.12.25

Heading into the park, ready for adventure.

Not five minutes into the park we have our first Elk spotting. We really weren’t expecting to see any as they are usually not out during the day.

2015-09-29 08.20.38

Ohh look, Elk!

Nobody bothered to tell the elk that they weren’t supposed to be out. We ended up stuck as dozens of elk made their way across the road.

2015-09-29 08.21.00

A lot of Elk…

We got to the trail head and had a little warm up hike around Bear lake. A Rocky Mountain trail that is wheel chair accessible.

2015-09-29 09.01.43 HDR

Bear lake, not to be confused with Beer lake.

The next stop on our tour of lakes is Nymph lake. I’m pretty sure this is where the Lady of the Lake present Excalibur to Arthur King of the Britons.

2015-09-29 09.37.19

Nymph lake. This would have been a nice photo if I hadn’t fat-fingered it.

2015-09-29 09.54.08

The only place to get signal.

Next is Dream lake. If you pay close attention to the mountain in the distance it will be in more photos and keep getting bigger.

2015-09-29 10.13.01

Dream lake

The trail terminated at Emerald Lake. A good place to take a rest before turning around and going past all those lovely lakes again.

2015-09-29 10.38.14

Emerald lake

2015-09-29 10.38.45

If you look closely you can see some snow.

After getting back to the trail head it was time to hike down the mountain to our next objective.

2015-09-29 11.58.09 HDR

Trees; they don’t have those back home.

Alberta falls. This time of year a tiny stream, probably a lot more violent when the snows are in full melt.

2015-09-29 12.28.35

Someone should help Alberta up.

2015-09-29 12.17.45

Time for a Selfie! Still haven’t shaved.

After a long day of hiking we headed back in Estes to check out the town and grab some grub.

2015-09-29 20.01.54

Better pizza than Seattle, vacation is already worth it.