Down by the Willamette River


Entering the Chinese Gardens on a rainy morning


Much Zen


The bros with some extra bruvz


An intense moment between Tinder rivals


Through the Garden


Spring time


Mr. BurryFace makes an appearance


Keep Portland Weird




Someone has glittered this wall


We must free the doughnuts!

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest

Although those in New York and Boston might not remember the meaning of the word it seems like spring has come to the Pacific northwest. The once forgotten sun has started to emerge between the gray clouds and the weather has started to warm up.

This weekend, warm and sunny, I saw flowers in bloom, and buds on the trees. Though Punxsutawney Phil may say there are 6 more weeks of winter it seems that the weather here is not listening. There could not have been better weather this weekend for valentines day, and I hope that the sun will continue to beat out the rain as the axis or rotation starts shifting back towards us up North.


The Dream of the 90s

This past weekend I went on a short trip to Portland; where according to the popular TV series, Portlandia, the dream on the 90’s survives. While only there for a weekend I cannot say if this is completely true I think I got a pretty good taste of Portland for the time I was there.

I went to Powell’s City of Books, the self proclaimed largest independent bookstore in the world. The books store took up an entire building, which was about a city block with books available on multiple floors. The store is now so large that they’ve had to expand and create Powell’s Books 2 across the street. Though the books store was massive it was also full of people. Powell’s Books is what a physical book store aught to be, especially in a era of online shopping. Unlike the last Barnes and Nobel I went to Powell’s has not restocked their aisles with easy sells; games and toys and hundreds of copies of the latest popularized pulp, Powell’s embraces the written work, filling floor to ceiling shelves with thousands of unique volumes. A know this tactic requires an extremely literate population to keep the store full and it seems Portland and those who visit provide frequent Powell’s enough that its doing good business. While I was there I stuck mostly to the Science Fiction section, looking for a book on my reading list that I could enjoy on the train back to Seattle. I found the book but I was greatly distracted by the hundreds others there.



Another Portland landmark, the original Voodoo Doughnuts. Possibly the only place that has a line around the corner for fired doughy confections. The line moves quickly and you’ll probably need the time to decide which of the dozens of doughnuts you’ll get, if you still can’t decide you can let the staff pick a dozen for you.





Some of the noteworthy donuts that we got in our dozen: the Marshal Mathers, a doughnut covered in M&M’s; the Butterfingering, a doughnut covered in crushed Butterfingers; and the Loop, a doughnut  covered in fruit loops.


Microbrew or die

Microbrew or die

When in Portland its also advisable to go to one of the many microbreweries, as most of them are also restaurants its a good place for a meal too. We went to Descutes, for the simple reason that it was close by, for in Portland you only need to throw a stone to find the closest micro-brewery (or Starbucks, its a 50/50 chance). The dinner at Deschutes was excellent and the beer was even better.

To round out the experience I also managed to catch a screening of the recent release of the The Boxtrolls. Though it premiered internationally this weekend it was created by Portland’s Laika Studio.