Continue Testing

This weekend was the glorious Penny Arcade eXpo, often refereed to as PAX. The authors of Tested.comone of my favorite sites, came up from San Francisco for the event. On Friday night, before the expo gets crazy on Saturday, they held a Tested members meetup. I, as a massive fan of the site, had to attend and meet these internet celebrities who had wandered into my backyard.

There were more people than they planned for so it was crowded. I was able to say hello to Norm after squeezing through the people. I sat down at the table with the only remaining chair and introduced myself to those sitting there. I found the best bit about the meetup was not saying hello to Will and Norm, it was to meet the other readers. Because Tested is a somewhat niche site, everyone at the meetup had a shared a particular set of interests. Being at PAX video games was on everyone’s minds, but after a while the conversation started to go on to other topics. It was great discoursing about 3D printing, virtual reality, and smart watches (Norm joined in on this one) with people as or more interested in the technology as I am.

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