A Trip to Mars

I’ve just finished reading “The Martian” by Andy Weir and its a great read which I recommend to anyone who likes science fiction.

The book is a narrative of Mark Watney, one of the crew members of Ares III; Earth’s third manned mission to Mars. Disaster strikes and the rest of the crew members are forced to evacuate, leaving Watney alone on the red planet, with the whole world thinking he’s dead.

This is an amazing tale of survival and ingenuity, and Weir did an excellent amount of research making everything in the book as realistic as possible.

One thought on “A Trip to Mars

  1. ruthellengruber says:

    On your recommendation, I got it — and also added the audio version, which I listened to the whole time driving from Budapest to Morruzze. I enjoyed it (though I didn’t like the voice of the narrator too much) but there were a couple of things I found strange (like his sometimes dated references to pop culture). And it was VERY technology-heavy…but that is also one of its strengths…


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