John Wick

Last week was the release of Keanu Reeves’ latest film, John Wick, which unlike 47 Ronin I actually felt it was worth seeing. The movie is about a normal guy so generic that they couldn’t give him a more interesting name than John. John is having a bad day which is made worse when Alfie Allen’s character comes into the picture, being just as much of a dick as his is on Game of Thrones, and kills his dog. To get even John goes on a rampage against Allen (who apparently cannot catch a break) who is hiding behind his father’s criminal organization.

This movie is not heavy with the plot, there is enough there to get the movie started and little bits trickle in fast enough that you are not questioning the characters actions. The real reason anyone would go see this movie, as with most Keanu movies, is for the elaborate action sequences. John Wick delivers. The is an abundance of extremely well choreographed action sequences as Keanu fights his way through the Russian Mob. The style of this movie was reminiscent of The Raid, where one martial arts master slowly works his way up the levels of a gun toting criminal organization.

I was pleased that a movie with a tone that is partly mocking Keanu’s kung-fu action movies went with a level of realism they did not need to. This move would have been as much of a blockbuster if their were explosions in every scene, crazy amounts of ammo and a busty sidekick but that’s not what they went with. The movie was exceptional at showing the need to reload weapons, the frailty of bullet proof vests, and that even the protagonist will miss a few shots. There were a few car chases all of which are reasonable. They even pushed a vehicle off a cliff without it exploding at the bottom. The show bets everything on the choreography of the fight scenes and its well places as they are extremely well done.

If you enjoy watching Keanu Reeve’s kick ass for an hour and a half then go see John Wick you will get exactly what you are looking for as well as a few scenes of puppies.

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