Sticky Situation


This weekend I finally made it to one of Seattle’s odder landmarks (and here a 15ft troll under a bridge is normal) the Pike Place Gum Wall. Found by accident while wandering around the sub-levels of the market the Gum Wall, now really more of a Gum Ally, is both a beautiful and disgusting sight. The millions of colors and the complex textures decades of gum piled up forms is quite amazing. Like a lock on a railing in Paris people have written messages on the wall in gum. There was even a marriage proposal in white evergreen, how romantic.

One thought on “Sticky Situation

  1. Judith Meighan says:

    Reminds me of the artwork we saw several times, including at that never-to-be-forgotten art show in Venice, Where Are We Going? You know the one where everyone could stick messages to the wall. Didn’t we attach a message with the cap of a pen???

    [BTW, typo alert — I think you mean “disgusting,” no?]


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