Art and Eiffel

After a long break I’m finally going through the last pictures from my trip to Europe in September.

The french pioneered the glass pyramid as a holistic healing device
A fancy room
The crown jewels
Winged Victory of Samothrace
The only thing greater than the size of this museum is the number of visitors
A lucky shot of the Venus de Milo without any other tourists in frame
Cultural appropriation… err… I mean, a sphinx?
Concentrating on framing
Feel that healing power
Posing with a local bicycle cabby
The Eiffel Tower
Not quiet a Space Needle, but its still nice.
Worlds largest sundial
Looking down at where we’ve been
Boats on the Seine
The Trocadéro across the river
Getting a nice picture
Wow, what an original picture
Do it for the Instagram
This would look good on Instagram
You have something on your head
Still not taller
Wandering the streets at night
Some great neon signs lighting the dark streets

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