Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon State park. We found a lot of canyon, but there was no snow to be seen. We did find some lava tubes though.

Snow Canyon State Park, UT
A bluebird
A cactus
More of the canyon
More canyon cacti
A lava tube, subterranean tunnel left by lava flows millions of years ago
Its a lot bigger than it looks (and it keeps going down)
Halfway down to the floor
An off shoot with no end in sight
The main cavern
Back topside to see the other side of the canyon

Valley of Fire

First stop on the the trip and only an hour from Vegas was Valley of Fire state park. A beautiful park which was the filming location for many movies including Star Trek Generations. The Valley of Fire was the desert planet where Kirk meets his end. Luckily for us we did not encounter any perilous metal bridges.

Valley of Fire aptly named; but in October this warning is a little overkill
Fire wave
Jonathan for scale
A local resident
Through the petrified dunes
A well camouflaged mountain goat
A small canyon
The road through the park
In the middle of the valley a rock wall remains from the set of 1966’s The Professionals
The wall from The Professionals from behind
A grasshopper
A dragon fly

Out in the Desert

I’ve just gotten back from two weeks hiking in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. I have a thousand photos to go through and pick the best, but while I process all the pictures here are a few choice pictures which I shared on instagram while on the road.

Fire wave at Valley of Fire State Park, NV
Snow Canyon State Park, UT
Hoodoos at Bryce National Park, UT
Zion National Park, UT
Angel’s Landing’s chain at Zion
Zion Valley from the top of Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park UT

For these pictures I was experimenting with a newer faster photo editing workflow; still taking the pictures in RAW on my mirrorless camera, then transferring them to my phone to be processed with Lightroom mobile for posting to Instagram. The process worked pretty well, letting me post pictures from my camera almost immediately after the hike, and with almost the same level of post processing as if I were editing on my computer. The major missing feature was lack of support for HDR bracketing which I used a lot in the shadowed canyons of Arizona, so those pictures still need to be processed.