Rainy days are hard for us all

Its been a very wet and rainy spring in Seattle, and it looks like we may be in for a wet and rainy summer too. Its hard for me, because I would rather be outside enjoying some sunshine, but its difficult for others as well. I found this little guy clinging to a window trying to stay dry during one of today’s downpours.


Last week I took a quick trip to the Netherlands. Most of my time there I was busy with work but I did get some time to walk around Amsterdam and its just too nice of a city not to take some pictures.

A Surprise Demonstration

Even though I was in Amsterdam, the news breaking in the US was so infuriating that people were taking to the streets.


A cone of fries with mayonnaise and curry ketchup, a classic.
My favorite dutch treat is bitterballen with mustard. Preferably enjoyed with a local beer sitting next to a canal.