Troll in Brown

Since the start of the pandemic board games and Dungeons an Dragons have mostly been remote over the computer; so I haven’t had the need to paint any new creature models from my collection. I had some extra time today so I painted this troll just for fun. It ended up being a case study for using every shade of brown paint I had.

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon State park. We found a lot of canyon, but there was no snow to be seen. We did find some lava tubes though.

Snow Canyon State Park, UT
A bluebird
A cactus
More of the canyon
More canyon cacti
A lava tube, subterranean tunnel left by lava flows millions of years ago
Its a lot bigger than it looks (and it keeps going down)
Halfway down to the floor
An off shoot with no end in sight
The main cavern
Back topside to see the other side of the canyon