The Journey Home

After the day in Colorado we returned to are odd little motel as we wound need to get up very early to get us all to the airport. A fitting last picture for the vacation is Mt. Rainier as seen from the flight before landing in Seattle.

2015-10-04 12.53.20 HDR

Mt Rainier

It has taken me so long to go trough my photos and upload all the posts with captions from this vacation that this weekend the Bostonians are flying our to Seattle to visit again.

A Little Piece of Pax

This past weekend, while I was busy finishing moving out of my old apartment; Seattle’s well know gaming convention, the Penny Arcade eXpo, was in full swing. As busy as I was I was still able to make it to PAX for a few days it was here. While a full write up of what I played and what I though while pressed into the sardine can that was the Seattle Convention Center, I’ll show off the only merchandise that I though was worthy of a purchase all weekend.

Miniature Dice, from the Chessex booth.
2015-08-31 13.47.43

Always ready for the next adventure.