Unicorns are native to Seattle

2014-07-12 17.05.11

This weekend held an exciting trip to Seattle’s famous EMP Museum and caught the end of their Myth & Magic Faire. The unicorns were brought out for the faire (and yes it was ‘faire’ not ‘fair’), but the museum was worth visiting without the special event. The Sci-Fi props exhibit had meek geeking out at every turn. I got to see Kirk’s captain chair and the uniform worn by Brent Spiner when he played Lt. Commander Data. They had Jack O’Neill’s famous sunglasses from Stargate Sg-1 and Ronon Dex’s mysterious blaster from Stargate Atlantis. Every plexiglass case had some cool wonder that I had seen in film or television. It was amazingly cool but also very disappointing. Seeing the props personally you can tell that they are just that, props. Kirk’s chair is obviously made from particle-board and painted matte grey, with the tan wood showing through chips in the paint. Its not the tritainium alloy that every fan hopes it to be. Seeing the props gives you a personal relation to you favorite Sci-Fi experiences, but you must go in ready to have some of the illusion spoiled.

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