The Aquabats Super Show

Last night I went to a show with a friend, a band he suggested that I had never heard of, The Aquabats. I looked them up on youtube and found this:

Of course I was amazed! Burger Rain is musical artistry at its highest level. I immediately purchased the tickets and was excited to see them live. The show was amazingly fun and went far beyond any expectations that I ever could have mustered. The Aquabats are a ska band that have been staring The Aquabats’ Super Show, a children’s music television show, for about 20 years. This leads to a show with a wide a demographic as imaginable. There were a lot of teen and 20s punk rockers moshing in the front. On the sides the older generation stood nursing their drinks and in the quiet middle ground where the little kids, four and up riding their parents shoulders dressed in blue spandex with an A embossed on their chests.

Some highlights:

  • Quality family friendly music
  • A bit of mosh pitting
  • A man in a chicken suit throwing fried chicken over the audience
  • Said chicken man fighting a giant crab in slow motion
  • Beach balls and inflatable toys thrown around a small venue
  • A six year old crowd surfing on top a shark

To sum it up it was a fun and amazingly unique show!

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