What is this, a pie for ants?


A delicious beef and bacon pie.

Meat pies are a delicious price of culinary history that has not become as popular in the United States as it should. You can keep your sweet cherry or your tart apple pie, I’ll go for the savory beef and bacon pie.

I’ve had the Game of Thrones themed cook book “A Feast of Ice and Fire” for a while and been wanted to make one of the crowning dishes, the beef and bacon pie. Reading the recipe and review of those who had tried to make it unaltered I decided that the pie, while looking mouth watering good in pictures with it’s crispy bacon lattice, had some flaws. Firstly, those who had tried the recipe said that the cuts recommended by the book, brisket or shoulder, where still too tough even after the long cook time. While these cuts of meat are probably much more authentic, using ground beef with make this dish easier and make sure that they melt when the pie hits your mouth. The second problem, I was hungry. The pie in the book takes hours to prep and cook, and my stomach was asking to sup much sooner than that. The best way to shorten cook time: miniaturize the pies. Six little pies will have greater surface area and cook faster. In addition a smaller pie makes other aspects, like weaving the bacon lattice a lot easier.


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