Tough Little Machine

Though uses of quartz watches, analog or digital, may not sees the merit in it; I must rave about how hearty the original Pebble Smart watch is. I have had my Pebble over two years now and it stands today as amazing and marvelous as it was then, even with the launch of AndriodWear and the Apple watch in the interim.

I have been neglecting to charge my Pebble recently, not giving it the daily ten to twenty minutes of juice it usually gets, as I am moving house and my charger has yet to be packed and moved. But as the Pebble is advertised as having a five to seven day battery life, it has not been a problem. Limited charging through last week and no charges over the weekend. Monday morning I wake up to the ten percent battery warning! Now If my phone were down that low I would panic and scramble for a charger. No way that a tenth of the battery would last me the day, let alone an hour! But with the Pebble it was a challenge, can a device with a glued in battery that has been running continuously for two years last a day on nearly no charge. This is a challenge that plagues our technologically integrated society, we are stressed by our batteries and tethered by our chargers, any other device was sure to fail.

As the existence of the blog post may give you a premonition, the battery held. Like holy oil wanton for resupply the tiny battery stretched far longer than it should have. Lasting the entire day with no complaints. I may have stacked the odds a little by turning off the back light and the vibration motor, the more power hungry features. But who we to say that the Maccabees didn’t go easy on the oil. So while I wait impatiently for my new Pebble Time Steel to come off the assembly line, I am still impressed by the one on my wrist.

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