Bleeding Out on the Edge

2015-09-08 21.46.59

Last week Oculus released SDK and runtime version 0.7 to bring Virtual Reality to all us windows 10 users.

Today I got my hands on an Original kickstarter Development Kit and was ready to settle in to some Oculus time comparing the two development kits.

2015-09-08 21.48.14

Sadly after a significant time spent getting windows and the Oculus configuration utility to detect the DK2, I loaded the demo scene to find that the fastest frame rate that could be driven to the headset is around the order of 3. Not quite the 75 FPS that the system was designed for. After some researching I found that I am not the only one having this problem; the community is blaming a bad graphics driver from Nvidia, and that the unreleased latest version has the fix.

2015-09-08 21.48.23

So I am still without means of powering my own VR.

One thought on “Bleeding Out on the Edge

  1. Judith Meighan says:

    Aiya! Spending significant time trying to make things work as they are supposed to! I am with you there. Some upgrade to my Nexus — probably to 5.0.2, “Lollipop,” of all things — has swallowed all the subtitles on my movies and the subtitle icon will not work. Research online is not helping me. Does this mean I should restore “Kitkat” 4.4.4? How the hell do I know?
    And there you are, suffering as well. And you know what the hell you are doing! The curse of ever-changing technology spares no one!


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