That’s a nice Boulder

For the second day of the trip we packed our bags and checked out of hotel in Denver and drove lengthy 14 minutes to our hotel in Boulder. Maybe we though this state was more spread out than it actually is.

In Boulder it was time for our first hike of the trip. We’ve had a little over a day to acclimate to the high elevations, why not go hike up a mountain, right?

2015-09-27 11.30.52

So naive at the bottom of the trail. We still have to go up that rock.

Our target was the Flat Irons outside of Boulder. Giant red rocks protruding from the ground like teeth in a maw. This massive natural structures are basically the foot hills of the Rockies.

2015-09-27 12.18.59

Mountain goats.

2015-09-27 12.43.07 HDR

There are actually climbers on the other Flat Iron.

The hike was a struggle but the amazing view from the top was well worth it.

2015-09-27 13.17.13

Even on the top of a mountain you can’t escape the internet.

The top of the kick was mostly rock scrambles and unfortunately not Jonathan’s watch did not escape unscathed.

2015-09-27 13.17.27

‘Tis but a flesh wound.

Not to be outdone, Justin dropped his phone on a rock and smashed it to bits. It seems that technology and nature don’t get a long too well.

2015-09-27 13.25.56

The mountain has declared war, the poor phone never stood a chance.

2015-09-27 13.24.32

Worth it!

On the way down we found a friend who was very interested in any granola bars that we might have brought.


Don’t ask how we did it, just appreciate how awesome it is.

After the hike we went into Boulder for some lunch and found some tasty Chinese noodles. The we walked around the Pearl Street Mall, boulder promenade street, and the only lively place on a Sunday night.

2015-09-27 15.30.18

Everyone loves noodles.

To end the night we found a Saloon hidden in the basement of a dark restaurant that had free pool tables and cheap drinks.

2015-09-27 21.38.01

We found a Saloon!

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