A Spring in Our Step

The last full day of our trip we spend in Colorado Springs. At this point in the trip we had hiked over 40 miles and thousands of feet of elevation; we were surprisingly worn out for the end of a vacation. We still manged to drag ourselves out to experience this new city.

First stop; the Garden of the Gods.

2015-10-03 10.17.05

Garden of the Gods.

2015-10-03 10.17.15

People, please don’t take pictures with your iPads.

2015-10-03 10.19.16 HDR

Some crazy big rocks.

2015-10-03 10.23.50 HDR

Seriously odd topography.

2015-10-03 10.28.01

Feels like walking around on mars.

We had just watched The Martian the previous night and walking around these giant red rocks really made me feel like I was on Mars, a thousand years in the future and the space tourists are all looking around and taking pictures of where Watney was trapped.

2015-10-03 10.58.20

The ‘Balanced’ Rock

Some light hiking a little ways away.

2015-10-03 11.29.15

The last trail of the trip.

2015-10-03 11.41.52 HDR

Garden of the Gods seen from a distance.

Afterwards we went to the Colorado Spring Money Museum. They had the motherload of coin collections.

2015-10-03 13.54.19 HDR

Really tiny coins.

2015-10-03 14.09.03 HDR

Most interesting thing (to me) in the Money Museum.

The museum also had an exhibit of sunk treasure and the most interesting part was the models of the ships from which these coins were recovered.

2015-10-03 15.38.32

More waterfalls!

2015-10-03 18.33.54

Have to go bowling at lease once.

2015-10-03 18.30.48

New personal best!

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