Mill Valley

Some people may say that things are never black and white. To those people I would direct them up to the mountains on a cold winter morning and see a dark world covered in fresh snow. I managed a picture of this winter wonderland while skiing this weekend, with the clouds just retreating back up into the sky and a light dusting on all the trees.

Mill Valley

2 thoughts on “Mill Valley

  1. samuelgruber says:

    Wow! So these are the trees you are skiing around? I’m impressed you’ve got your camera while on skis. I assume you stop to take the picture. Maybe you should try a go-camera on your helmet next! It is cold and snowy here in Syracuse, too, Though we did have sun when it was 10 degree below O, now it is more grey than b & w. Enjoy!


  2. Jonah says:

    I don’t normally bring my camera while skiing so this was just taken on my phone;
    fairly carefully from the top of the mountain before skiing down to the chair lifts in the picture.


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