A New Vision

Here is a project I did this past winter that I have not yet shared, an upgrade to my ski goggles.

Skiing with glasses is a really mixed bag. Its very hard to control the humidity inside the goggles to stop the glasses from fogging over. I often ski without glasses as my prescription is very light. Its usually sunny enough that I can see fine without my glasses, or its foggy enough that there is nothing to see, glasses or not.

To improve this situation I tried adding some lenses into the goggles.

Using some round lenses pulled from a cheap pair of glasses I 3D printed an insert to fit inside the goggles. This was my first project print with flexible TPU plastic, allowing the insert to be printed flat and then bending to fit the contour of the goggles.

Fitting the lenses and test fitting the shape took a few iterations

Though the ski season was cut short these insets worked much better than wearing glasses under the goggles. And I will continue to use them next year with some tweaks.

The goggles do look a little silly, but I kinda like the look. Reminds me of Starlord’s Guardians of the Galaxy helmet.

Somehow managed to forget to get a picture with the goggles on my face

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