Bee Butts

I like bee butts and I cannot lie.
You other bumbles can’t deny,
when a drone flies in with a itty-bitty waist,
and an abdomen in you face…
You get stung, pull that stinger out
‘Cause you noticed that butt was stuffed
Thick in the pollen its wearing,
I’m pricked and I can’t stop staring.
Oh bee, I wanna get wit’cha
And take your picture.
My honey bees tried to warn me,
that butt you got (its so thorny)

3 thoughts on “Bee Butts

    • Jonah says:

      These were shot with a 50mm prime lens with a 10mm tube extender to shorten the minimum focus distance. At some point I should invest in some real macro lenses.


  1. Cyndi says:

    I forwarded the poem and photos to my friends. Beautiful. My favorite is the third one down where the wings are so clear.


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